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csg at DEL_THISdiatom dot de
13 years ago
Starting with PHP 4.4.0 (at least PHP version 4.3.10 did have old, documented behaviour) interpretation of value of "session.save_path" did change in conjunction with "save_mode" and "open_basedir" enabled.

Documented ( ):
  Values of "session.save_path" should or may be  **without**  ending slash.
  For instance:
// Valid only  *before* PHP 4.4.0:
ini_set( "session.save_path", "/var/httpd/kunde/phptmp" );
?> will mean:
  The directory "/var/httpd/kunde/phptmp/" will be used to write data and therefore must be writable by the web server.

Starting with PHP 4.4.0 the server complains that "/var/httpd/kunde/" is not writable.
Solution: Add an ending slash in call of ini_set (or probably whereever you set "session.save_path"), e.g.:
// Note the slash on ".....phptmp/":
ini_set( "session.save_path", "/var/httpd/kunde/phptmp/" );

Hope, that does help someone.

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